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We like to celebrate every saved life with a baby shower. Whether in-person or virtual, every mom and dad receive an Amazon registry and up to a year's worth of diapers provided by supportive pro-lifers. 

We like to register moms and dads through Amazon because of the diaper fund, share gift, and gift card optionality. See below to find out about our current baby registry. If you would like to attend or assist with an in-person shower and celebrate the gift of life with a deserving mom and dad, send us an email at!

The current registry is raising $575 for mom Ny'Keria's diaper fund. It is easy for us to ship diapers and wipes to the moms through Walmart as they need them throughout the year. By making a gift below to Carmen Ross (, you can send any amount toward Ny'Keria's diaper fund.


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