We like to celebrate every saved life with a baby shower. Whether in-person or virtual, every mom and dad receive an Amazon registry and up to a year's worth of diapers provided by supportive pro-lifers. 

We like to register moms and dads through Amazon because of the diaper fund, share gift, and gift card optionality. See below to find out about our current baby registry and read a message from the parent(s). If you would like to attend or assist with an in-person shower and celebrate the gift of life with a deserving mom and dad, send us an email at sidewalkssave@gmail.com!



Thank you for visiting my baby registry. I have included things I think I will need, but anything is appreciated. Thank you so much.


This is the registry for Kaleesha who is having her baby very soon. She is just 15 and this is her first baby. She and the father are together but he is also young. They are making a way together. There is NO family support for them. Her parents are both addicts and she was raised a little bit everywhere and on her own by 16. She has a lovely heart. In lieu of a "diaper fund", please donate via Amazon Gift Cards (select below) so the credit goes directly to Aaliyah. Thank you!