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We hope you will enjoy the following videos that showcase God's faithfulness through our ministry and life-changing encounters on the sidewalk. Included are an original pro-life song and music video written by Josh Harris, an interview featuring the beautiful story of Aretta, who chose life, and two faithful Sidewalk Advocates, as well as a year-in-review video for our ministry in 2021.


Eyes of God Pro-Life Music Video

​Enjoy this powerful pro-life music video showcasing real-life stories of babies saved through Sidewalks Save advocacy. 

Recently televised on EWTN and available wherever music is streamed. Click here to download Eyes of God.

Moments From Abortion She Chose Life

​On the day that Aretta went to the abortion clinic, God had a more important, divine appointment in motion. Aretta met two loving and faithful witnesses for life, Josh and Michelle, and her heart was moved for her unborn son. 

Hear her story, in her own words, and about the matchless love she has for her son that began the day she chose life. 

Year in Review

Sidewalks Save 2021 Year-in-Review

​This is our Year-in-Review for the Sidewalks Save ministry in 2021. God blessed us in too many ways to count, but we tried our best to piece together the numbers and give a glimpse of the testimonies of God that we treasure.

We hope that these testimonies reflect God's power to work in any situation, as well as the encouragement we feel to simply be a front-row witness to the plans of his heart. 

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